Welcome to Bohuslans Seamen's Church

The Seamen's Church in Uddevalla was founded 1983 and was situated in a house about 10 minutes promenade from the port.

1998 in May it was necessarily to close the church according to a lack of money and the way that shipping have changing true the years.
Decision was made that the church will keep one man as a "ship visitor" in the area of Bohuslan, which contains the following harbours: Wallhamn, Stenungsund, Uddevalla, Lysekil and Brofjorden.
The "Ships visitor" have with him in the car, several newspaper on different language, like English, Russian, Polish and Swedish. He also have bookcases from the Swedish Welfare for exchange and international phone cards for sale.
In the office, which is situated in the "visitors" home, there is a fax, mobil phone and internet (E-mail) to his help, in contact with the ships crew.

The first year of this "new" Seamen's Church there was made 404 visits on ships. 1999 there was made 1.307 visits and year 2000 1.406 visits.

Year 2000 there was a change in the visits about the ports, visiting in Wallhamn and Stenungsund was only made after direct call from the ships, but Uddevalla, Lysekil and Brofjorden is visited 5 days a week.

In 2005 we get a new car from ITF. The same year was also the "Ship visitor" retaired and is now only working part time.

In May 2010 an IT-Center was opened in the port of Uddevalla, witch until today (Dec. 2010) have had more then 600 visitors from the ships.

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My new working place for the Seamen's Church


 Link to the Swedish Seamen,s Church in Sweden.