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Ukrainian Research vessel GEORGIY SEVASTOPOLA in Bosphorus 2002, can't find her in Lloyds, anyone known anything about her?
Her name in Lloyds was was spelled GEROI SEVASTOPOLYA, that why I could not find here there, on the nameplate on the bridge was it spelled GEORGIY SEVASTOPOLA, anyway thanks to Ralph Dazert how put me on the right track.
IMO: 8929393, build 1965 in Szczecin, Poland as B850/04 VASILIY GOLOVNIN and was a Hydrographic vessel. She later changed name to SVYATOY NIKOLAY. In 2001 she change the name to GEROI SEVASTOPOLYA and is registered in Lloyds as a Cruise Ship (Research & supply) for Sudostroyeniye, Ukraina

(photo: Istanbul 27/9 2002)
Anyone how know her data?

Two answers have arrived on this question.
This first one is from David Asprey

IMO 7006596  stern trawler
217gt 746nt  73.00/82.05 x 13.62 x 9.56m
blt 1969 VEB Volkswerft Stralsund, Stralsund (Yd 279)
2 x M8cy 4SA 1706kW 2320bghp 13.3kn 2scr  SKL Magdeburg
1969 Yugryba, Sevastopol (USSR) as POLTAVA
1992 Yugryba, Sevastopol (Ukraine)
1994 Trawling Fleet Corp 'Yugrybpoisk', Krym
2005 broken up at Alang, India

And the second answer is from Christer Skiold

Aleksandr Safontsev, fishfactory/trawler buildd 1969 at Volkswerft, Stralsund.
Launched as Kondor but delivered as Poltava
1139 dwt, Loa 82,1  x 13, 6 m, Speed 13 knots.
Broken up in India august 2005.

Her name on the bridge was spelled ALEKSANDR SAFONYSEY.



Photo Istanbul sept. 2002)
Small fish transport ship or fish factory ship, can't find her in Lloyds.
Anyone known her data?

Answer is from David Asprey.

IMO 8036079  fish carrier
669gt 240nt  50.04/55.02 x 9.53 x 5.19m
blt 1982 Khabarovskiy Sudostroitelnyy Zavod im Kirova, Khabarovsk (Yd 837)
M6cy 4SA 441kW 600bhp 11¼kn  SKL Magdeburg
1982 Yugryba, Sevastopol (USSR) as GEROI PEREKOPA
1992 Yugryba, Sevastopol (Ukraine)
1994 JSC 'Yugreftransflot', Sevastopol
1996 Glasear Dorado SA, Panama as MALABO (Panama)
1998 MK-Market Ltd, Sevastopol as KORSUN (Ukraine)

So her name was not HORSUN, it was KORSUN


Unknown ferry, photo from january 1th, 2007 by Christophe Paumier, on the reef south of Jeddah. It seems that there is there a sort of ship graveyard. Anyone known her and her history?

I find her history here:, thanks to Stefan Svensson in Gothenburg.

She is the former Norwegian Ferry EUROPAFERGEN, wich was 1978 sold to Hitta Establisment (Mohammed Sadaka), Jeddah, Saudiarabien and renamed SAUDI GOLDEN ARROW.
1989. Sold to Sadaka Shipping Lines (Sameer Establishment for Trading), Jeddah, Saudiarabien. In traffic between Jeddah - Port Sudan.
1997. Laid up
2004: reported laid up at Shoieba, Jeddah, Saudiarabia and is for sale.

ALBASMALLAH I, Panamanian register, photo from january 1th, 2007 by Christophe Paumier, on the reef south of Jeddah. It seems that there is there a sort of ship graveyard. Anyone known her and her history?

From David Asprey came this answer.

IMO 5131816   passenger/roro ferry
1374gt 698nt  72.59/78.54 x 14.12 x 3.96m
blt 1957-03 Ailsa Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Troon (Yd 496)
2 x M8cy 2SA  4400bhp 18kn 2scr  Sulzer
(1976 reengined 2 x M7cy 2SA 4600bhp 14kn 2scr Wichmann)
1957 Caledonian Steam Packet Co Ltd, Glasgow as GLEN SANNOX (UK)
1989 Hellenic Alliance SA (MNG Cabo SK Marine Agencies Ltd), Athens as KNOOZ
19xx renamed NADIA
1991 Red Sea Cruises Lines SA (mng International Maritime Centre SA), Athens
as AL MARWAH (Panama)
1994 Abdullah Abbar & Ahmed Zainy Co (mng Petrostar Co Ltd), Jeddah as AL
[believed aground Saudi Arabia since about 2000]


AL FAHAD ex: Free Enterprise III, ex- Tamira, ex- Mona's Isle, photo from january 1th, 2007 by Christophe Paumier, at Shoaiba, south of Jeddah. It seems that there is a sort of ship graveyard. Anyone known her and her history?

From Davis Asprey came this answer.

1986 Sadaka Shipping Lines (Sameer Establishment for Trading), Jeddah as AL
Sustained engine problems prior to 10/06/2004 and anchored in the Red Sea
35km south of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Subsequently reported to be
semi-submerged - total loss


A steamcrane in Marstrand Sweden 1930. Anyone know the name of the steamcrane?
The ferry between Marstrand and Koön. But which ferry?

A salvage operation at Marstrand in 1930. Which one?

Sailship NIOBE in the entrance to Marstrand.

How tells the full story of NIOBE?

Constructed as 4-mastet steelschonnert MORTEN Jensen, 1913 in Frederikshavn, Denmark to the shipping company J.F.Knakkegaard, Nykøbing Mors, Denmark. 372 tonne's and used for voyage to Brazil. Made 8 knots with her engine. 1916 sold to Arendal, Norway and renamed TYHOLM, later KOMET of Skien, Norway. Seized by a German submarine and taken to Germany where she had many owners and name: ALDERBARAN, NIOBE, SCHWAN, SCHWALBE and again NIOBE. Sold to Deutsche Reichmarine and in 1922-3 rebuild to sailing trainingship for cadets, now with 3 masts.
July 25, 1932 capsized she in the vicinity of Fehmarn of a sudden squall.
Three boats, Therese RUSS and the cruiser KÖLN and KÖNINGSBERG hurried to rescuing. 69 persons died and 40 was salved. August 21, 1932, refloated and towed to Kiel 19 men were missing entirely. September 18, 1933 the wreck was towed out to a place
northeast Stolpe bank, where torpedoboat JAGUAR hollow her with one torpedo.
LOA 41,1 m x 9,17 M x 5,0 M. (58 metres with bowsprite)
Mainmast height 43,8 M. Sail surface: 953 square meters with 12 sails.
Engine: Bolinder diesel.
The picture describe her as training ship.

Thanks to Soren Kaa and Christer Skiold

Steam tug TELL with a wrecked barge at Marstrand in 1930
Anyone there can tell the story about TELL?
Salvage tug departure Marstrand. Which tug ? 
Can be the Röda Bolaget salvage steamer "FRITHIOF", Maybe the same days when ARDENNIA grounded at Ussholmen.

Photo taken in Port of Valletta 2005. Anyone know the name of the ship and data?
We get a mail from
Matthew Xuereb that the ship is IMO: 7018020 COMINOLAND Owner: Captain Morgan Cruises, Malta.
1942 by Philip & Son Ltd, Dartmouth. England as a mine-layer and delivered 7/2 1942 to Royal Navy as M6, later renamed MINER VI (or MINER 6)
Launched: 22/4 1941
Loa. 34,42m., br. 8,08m., draft 3,66m.

Grt: 263, Nrt: 79, Dwt: 150.
Two 6 cylinder General Motors diesel engines. (fitted 1976)
1 screw, 1765 kW, speed 12 kn.
Passenger cap.: 450 passengers.
1942: MINER VI; delivered to British Royal Navy.
1966.10. MINER VI; sold to E. Zammit & Sons, Malta.
1968: MINOR EAGLE; rebuild for ferry services, Valletta (Grand Harbour) - Comino.
1976: COMINOLAND; Gozo Channel Co. Ltd., Valletta (Grand Harbour) - Comino.
1980.07: Renamed JYLLAND II after rebuilding for Day-cruises, Valletta - Comino.
19??: COMINOLAND” renamed and sold to Captain Morgan Cruises.
13/8 2006: Scuttled as a fishreef
together with m/v KARWELA in Gozo near a bay called "ix-Xatt l-Ahmar".