My name is Rolf Skiold and I live in Uddevalla on the Swedish westcoast.

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Me and my wife Wanda

I am a "ship lover" or you may say "ship spotter". I'm taking pictures of all types of ships. Ships and shipping are my main interests. Between 1955 - 1963 I was a seaman on Swedish merchant ship, but after that I went ashore, and I am now working for the Swedish Seamen's Church in Uddevalla, Sweden.

From 1980 and on I have been taking ship-photos.
My B/W ship neg.-collection consists of about 7.000 European and former East-state items. I can make prints according to your wishes.
There are plenty of negative duplicates available for exchange.
Another of my interest is researching about Ferro-Concrete ship

  Under my time as a seaman I was on the following Merchant and Navy ship.

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