Wallenius Lines,
Stockholm, Sweden.

Rederi AB Soya / Rederi AB Wallstar
/ Rederi AB Wallenco / Rederi AB Walltank.

m.t. SOYA VI

Off.no / Imo: 8446 / 5346514 Build: 1940 Shipyard: Eriksbergs M.V. AB, Goteborg, Sweden. #301
Dwt: 1.755 Grt: 1.334 Nrt:  655
Speed: ? knots   Dim: 78,00 x 11,60 x 4,87 m. Draft: 4,559 m.
Launched: 9/4 1940.
25/9 1940: Delivered to Rederi AB Soya, Stockholm, Sweden as SOYA VI.
01.1943: Sold to Rederi AB Reut, Goteborg, Sweden. Renamed SVEA REUTER.
2/9 1943: On T/C for German Kriegsmarine bombed during a air attack in Baltic Sea when on a voyage from Riga to Danzig in barlast. Six men from the engine crew was killed. She was hit aft in the engineroom by a aerial torpedo and was heavely damaged. Still floating she was later towed to Riga, where she was temporary repaired before she was towed to Sweden for permanent repair.
1959: New engine fitted.
1969: Sold to P/R m.t. Nordica (Ernst Norrthon), Stockholm, Sweden. Renamed NORDICA.
07. 1973: Sold to CALM Luis Gomez Cevallos (Petromar Cia. Ltda.), Ecuador. Renamed ROSARITO.