Wallenius Lines,
Stockholm, Sweden.

Rederi AB Soya / Rederi AB Wallstar / Rederi AB Wallenco / Rederi AB Walltank.


Off.no / Imo: 10636 / 6515722 Build: 1965 Shipyard: AB Ekensbergs Varv, Stockholm. # 233
Dwt: 1.355 Grt: 901 Nrt:  433
Speed: 12 knots Cars: 120 Dim: 80,85 x 13,54 x 8,01 m. Draft: 3,770 m.
Oct. 1965: Delivered to Rederi AB Wallstar, Stockholm, Sweden as DON CARLOS (I).
1973: Sold to N. H. Sand, Norway. Renamed NOPAL SAND
1977: Sold to Empresa Azucarera Montelimarn, Nicaragua. Renamed CARLA.
1979: Transferred to Arla Shipping Ltd, Cayman Island.
1980: Sold to Trafford Holdings, Cayman Island. Renamed ARACELY.
1/2 1984: Laid up at Havanna, Cuba.
1988: Sold to Caribean Tankers Inc, Panama. Renamed ARIES NAVIGATOR.
1990: Sold to Liquid Cargo Inc, Panama. Renamed ROSEMERE.
1990: Transferred to Caribmont Shipping Inc, Panama.
1992: Sold to Bayside Marine Inc, Panama. Renamed BAYSIDE.
1995: Sold to C. P. Cargo & Shipping, USA. Renamed SEA MIST II and registered in Panama.
2001: Broken up in Florida.