Viking Line

m/f  VIKING SALLY / IMO: ? / 7921033 Build: 1980 Shipyard: Jos L Meyer Werft, Papenburg, Tyskland. # 590
Dwt: 2.800 Grt: 15.566 Nrt: 8.372
Speed: 21,0 knots Pass. /Cars: 2.000 / 460 Dim: 155,43 x 24,21 x 5,55 m.

26/4 1980: Launched.
29/6 1980: Delivered to Rederi AB Sally, Mariehamn, Finland as VIKING SALLY.
5/7 1980: In traffic for Viking Lines between Stockholm - Mariehamn - Åbo and Kapellskär - Mariehamn - Nådendal.
Oct.1987: On bareboat charter to Rederi AB Slite for traffic with Viking Line.
21/12 1988: Sold to EFFOA, Helsinki, Finland. On bareboat-charter to Rederi AB Slite untill Spring 1990.
April 1990: On T/C to Silja Line and renamed SILJA STAR. In traffic between Stockholm - Mariehamn - Åbo.
12/2 1991: Renamed WASA KING In traffic between Vasa - Umeå.
1992. Registered for Effdo 3 Oy.
Jan.1993: Sold to Nordström & Thulin, Stockholm, but registered on E.Liini A/S, Tallinn, Estonia and Estline Marine Co Ltd, Nicosia, Cyprus. On T/C from Estline Marine Co Ltd, Nicosia, Cyprus to E.Liini A/S Tallinn wich owner is Nordström & Thulin, Esco (Estonian Shipping Company). On T/C from this two company to EstLine AB, Estonia, but the ship is registered on Cyprus. In traffic between Tallinn - Stockholm renamed ESTONIA.
28/9 1994: At 01:24 Capsized and sank ESTONIA about 25 miles S.E. of Uto in a Pos. 59.23 N, 21.42 E after water had entered her hull during passage from Tallin to Stockholm in bad weather. Subsequent examination of the wreck showed that the bow "visor" had become separeted from the hull and that there was a gap of about one metre depth at the top of the watertight bow ramp which was behind the visor. 137 survivors and 852 dead.

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