Rederi AB Transoil,
Gothenburg, Sweden.


1922 Transatlantic acquires its first tanker and 1927 formed the subsidiary Rederi AB Transoil under the leadership of Rolf Sörman.
Most of the Transatlantics tanker was cleared of Transoil or any of the shipping company's subsidiaries. Through its subsidiaries Transoil, Transatlantic get 1947 in to the oil sector.
Together with Stora Kopparbergs Berslags AB forms Koppartrans Oil AB and Koppartrans Rederi AB. This company builds its own refinery and build a retail chain for oil products.
1952 Transoil form a fully independent company led by Sörman. Remaining in Transatlantics fleet was after that only a few tankers.
At the end of 1950, Transatlantic put all their interests on bulk carriers. This was never a major success for the company.