Rederi AB Transatlantic,
Gothenburg, Sweden.

m/v YARRAWONGA 8479 Build: 1941 Shipyard: Eriksbergs M.V. AB, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Dwt: 9.100 Grt: 4.893 Dim: 127,4 x 17,3 x 7,6 m.
Speed: 14 knots    
Launched for Rederi AB Wallenco, Stockholm, Sweden as RIGOLETTO.
Sold before delivery to Rederi AB Transatlantic, Gothenburg, Sweden and renamed YARRAWONGA.
16/9 1941: Hit by a bomb when in Rosshafen, Hamburg during an air attack, and sank.
8/10 1941: Refloated.
28/10 1941: Drydocked at a German shipyard in Hamburg and temporary repaired.
Nov. 1941: Towed by two Danish tugs to Gotenburg where she arrived 9/12 to Eriksbergs M.V. AB for repair. After the repair in the begining of 1941 she was laid up until 6/8 1942 when she left Gothenburg for Canada.
1/9 1971: Sold for $215.000 to Sanmar Cia. Naviera S.A., Piraeus, Greece and renamed AFRICAN GLORY.
1978: Sold to Italian breakers and arrived La Spezia 2/6 to be broken up.