Rederi AB Transatlantic,
Gothenburg, Sweden.


Off: no: 7407 Build: 1928 Shipyard: Gotaverken AB, Gothenburg, Sweden
Dwt: 9.080 Grt: 5.818 Dim: 139,3 x 17,4 x 11,9 m.
Speed: 15 knots    
Delivered to Rederi AB Transatlantic, Gothenburg, Sweden.
1943: During a voyage Australia - San Francisco she had fire in mid ship accommodation, the crew was able to extinguish the fire and she managed to go to Honolulu by own power were a temporary repair was made. Later she was going to a shipyatd in San Francisco were a new mid ship was build.
1958: Sold to D/S A/S Progress, Denmark and renamed PETER NIELSEN.
1960: Sold to P/R m.s Birgit (Bengt Sjosten, Gothenburg, Sweden and renamed BIRGIT.
1963: Sold to Stella Co., Panama and renamed GITTE.
1965: Broken up at Japan.