Rederi AB Transatlantic,
Gothenburg, Sweden.

m/v KILLARA 10719 Build: 1966 Shipyard: Eriksbergs M.V. AB, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Dwt: 13.000 Grt: 11.004 Dim: 156,4 x 14,8 x 21,3 m
Speed: 19 knots    
Delivered to Rederi AB Transatlantic, Gothenburg, Sweden.
1968: Confined in Great Bitter Lake (Suez canal) during the war between Israel and Egypt.
1968: The ship was taken over by the Insurance Company "Sveriges Angfartygs Assuransforening"
1974: Sold to Rederi AB Rex, Stockholm, Sweden.
1975: Sold to Hellenic Lines, Greece and renamed HELLENIC SEAMAN.
1975: Released from her involuntary prison in Great Bitter Lake.
1984: Sold to Pine River Investments, Panama and renamed PANAMA STAR.
1986: Broken up at Kaohsiung, Taiwan.