Tirfing Steamship Company,
Gothenburg, Sweden.

m.bulk  UPPLAND

Off.no: 10421 Build: 1963 Shipyard: Eriksbergs M.V. AB., Gothenburg, Sweden.
Dwt: 25.250 Grt: 16.141  
Speed: 15 knots   Dim: 174,8 x 22,8 x 10,6 m.
Delivered to Angfartygs AB Tirfing, Gothenburg, Sweden.
1976: Sold to Pacific Shipping, Liberia and renamed CAPE PACIFIC.
1980: Sold to Forum SA, Greece and renamed FORUM GRACE.
1980: Sold to Pothos Maritime Co, Greece no change of name
1985: Sold to Intern Sugar Transport, Greece and renamed GRACE.
1985: Broken up in China.