Tirfing Steamship Company,
Gothenburg, Sweden.


Off.no: 11402 Build: 1974 Shipyard: Lubecker Flender-Werke, West Germany.
Dwt: 78.500 Grt: 44.732  
Speed: 16,5 knots   Dim: 256,0 x 32,5 x 14,3 m.
Delivered to Angfartygs AB Tirfing, Gothenburg, Sweden.
1978: Sold to Liberian Homer Transporters, Liberia and renamed GOLDEN CAMEO.
1982: Sold to Star Value Shipping Co., Liberia and renamed MISTRAL.
1992: Sold to P. A. Lemos & Associates Ltd., Cyprus and renamed ALBION I.
1993: Sold to Anchorage Navigation Co., Cyprus and renamed MACTRADER.
1997: Broken up in India.