Tirfing Steamship Company,
Gothenburg, Sweden.

m.tank  HEMLAND  (II)

Off.no: 11469 Build: 1974 Shipyard: Mitsui S.B. & Eng. Co. Ltd., Chiba, Japan.
Dwt: 366.340 Grt: 190.267  
Speed: 16 knots   Dim:: 363,7 x 63,4 x 28,7 m.
1974: Delivered to Angfartygs AB Tirfing, Gothenburg, Sweden as HEMLAND.
1977: Sold to United Oil Carriers Inc., Liberia and renamed BRAZILIAN SPLENDOUR.
1985: Sold to Tennessee Shipping Co. Liberia and renamed HAWAII.
29/3 1986: The ship was struck by an Iraqi missile and set on fire aft when she was about 60 miles south of Kharg Island. She was on a loaded voyage from Kharg Island. She was later declared as a "constructive total loss"
1987.02.02.: Arrived Kaohsiung, Taiwan renamed H, to be broken up.