Tirfing Steamship Company,
Gothenburg, Sweden.

m.obo  ATLAND  (IV)

Off.no: 11364 Build: 1973 Shipyard: Eriksbergs M.V. AB, Gotheburg, Sweden.
Dwt: 152.600 Grt: 84.230  
Speed: 17 knots   Dim: 291,7 x 45,1 x 23,0 m.
Delivered to Angfartygs AB Tirfing, Gothenburg, Sweden.
1976: Sold to Bergesen d.y. A/S, Norway and renamed BERGEBONDE.
1991: Sold to Panda Shipping Ltd., Malta and renamed ACHILLEUS.
1/11 1995: Struck the fenders at Zandvliet Lock and flooding the number 1 and 2 holds whilst inward bound from Narvik to Antwerp. After discharge she sailed to Piraeus, arriving there 5/12 for repairs. Examination, however, showed that they were not economically possible and she was sold to Pakistan shipbreakers.
2/4 1996: Arrived at Gadani Beach from Piraeus where she had been laid up from 5/12-95 until 7/3-96..