Swedish Orient Line,
Gothenburg, Sweden.


Off.no: 9823 Build: 1958 Shipyard: A.G. Weser, Bremen, W. Germany.
Dwt: 4.500 Grt: 3.714 Dim: 119,8 x 16,5 x 5,6 m
Speed: 15 knots    
Delivered to Svenska Orient Linien, Gothenburg, Sweden.
1973: Sold to Resolute Shipping Ltd., U.K.
1977: Sold to R. S. Dalgliesh, U.K.
1977: Sold to Resolute Shipping Ltd., Canada.
1978: Sold to Federal Commerce & Navigation, Canada.
1981: Sold to Arctic Shipping Co. Ltd., U.K. and renamed ARCTIC TIDE.
1981: Declared a "constructive total loss" after developed heavy damage during a voyage in ice.
1982: Sold to Cardiff Transportation Co., Georgetown, Cayman Island.
1/8 1983: Broken up at Karachi.