AB Svenska Ostasiatiska Kompaniet
Gothenburg, Sweden.
(The Swedish East Asiatic Company)


Off.no: 8748 Build: 1946 Shipyard: Eriksbergs M.V. AB, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Dwt: 7.650 Grt: 4.796  
Speed: 16 knots   Dim: 134,4 x 17,9 x 6,6 m.
Delivered to AB Svenska Ostasiatiska Kompaniet, Gothenburg, Sweden.
1966: Stranded off the mouth of Schelde. Declared as a "constructive total loss".
1966: Sold to A/S Uglands Rederi, Grimstad, Norway, repaired  and renamed BENARITA.
1969: Sold to General Maritime Corp., Singapore and renamed BENARES.
1971: Had engine break down and stranded at Texel and was again declared as a "total loss.
1971: Sold to Eckhardt & Co, W. Germany to be broken up.
11/7 1972: Arrived Bilbao, Spain to be broken up.