Salén Rederierna,
Stockholm, Sweden

t/t SEA SOVEREIGN 11099 Build: 1969 Shipyard: Kockums M.V. AB, Malmö, Sweden.
Dwt: 210.000 Grt: 107.286 Nrt:
Speed: 16 knots Yard no: 518 Dim: 316,10 x 48,80 x 24,50 m.
1969: Delivered to Salénrederierna AB, Stockholm Sweden as SEA SOVEREIGN.
1977: Sold to Pimmerton Shipping Ltd., Liberia and renamed SOUTH SUN.
1979: Sold to Oxford Shipping, Liberia and renamed SALEM.
17/1 1980: Sank off the coast of Senegal in a pos. 12.38 N, 18.34 W during a voyage from Mena al Ahmadi. At the time a certain amount of mystery surrounded her loss and it is also reported that under the name "LEMA" she had called at Durban during Dec. 1979 and discharged the cargo of oil that she had loaded at Mena al Ahmadi.