Salén Rederierna,
Stockholm, Sweden
Ships in T/C
Bulk Carrier

m/v BRITISH WASA ? Build: 1969 Shipyard: Hitachi Zosen, Innoshima, Japan.
Dwt: 18.560 Grt: 10.711 Nrt: ?
Speed: 15 knots Yard no: 4166 Dim: 156,22 x 22,66 x 9,54 m.
1969: Delivered to Liberian Intercontinental S.S. Co. Ltd., Liberia as BELO MUNDO.
1970: Sold to Whittwill, Cole & Co. Ltd., Bristol, U.K. and renamed BRITISH WASA.
1970: On T/C for Salénrederierna AB, Stockholm (Length on T/C unknown)
1976: Sold to Spanocean Line Ltd., Bristol, U.K., no change of name.
1980: Sold to Glemore Maritime Co. Ltd., Piraeus, Greece and renamed EMMA METHENITIS.
1986: Sold to Gaula Shipping Co. Ltd., Limassol, Cyprus and renamed BARBARA MORGAN.
22/5 1992: Grounded of the entrance to Kimbe at pos. 05.32 S, 150.10 E.
29/5 1992: Refloated with only minor damage.
1994: Sold to unknown owners, China and renamed XIN XING 1.
Still in service according to Lloyds Register 2003 - 04.