Swedish American Line, 
Gothenburg, Sweden.



Off.no: 8926 Build: 1948 Shipyard: Gotaverken AB Gothenburg, Sweden.
Dwt: 4.700 Grt: 11.650 Dim: 160,1 x 21,1 x 7,9 m
Speed: 19,0 knots   Pass: 1-class: 28, turist-class: 357
Build for Swedish American Line, Gothenburg, Sweden as STOCKHOLM.
1954: Rebuild at A.G. Weser. (New tonnage: Dwt: 4.800, Grt: 12.644)
25/7 1956: Outbound from New York collided STOCKHOLM in fog, with Italian passengership ANDREA DORIA. STOCKHOLM's bow was heavely damaged and ANDREA DORIA sank after 10 hour. 5 persons died on STOCKHOLM and 47 on ANDREA DORIA. STOCKHOLM managed to go back to New York for own power and was later repaired on Bethlehem Steel from where she was delivered late 1956.
1959: Sold to Deutsche Gewerkschaft - Bund, DDR and renamed VOLKERFREUNDSCHAFT.
1985: Sold to Neptunus Rex Enterprises, Panama and renamed VOLKER.
1986: Renamed to FRIDTJOF NANSEN and laid up in Oslo, Norway to be used as a refuge camp.
1989: Sold to Starlauro Societe per Azioni, Italy.
1994: Sold to Cia. di Nav. Nina S.p.A, Italy and renamed ITALIA PRIMA. Rebuild and modernized and in cruise traffic in  the West Indies.
2000: Managed by Martinoli S.A.M., Monaco. Renamed VALTUR PRIMA (Italian-flag) .