Swedish American Line, 
Gothenburg, Sweden.



Off.no: 9753 Build: 04.1957 Shipyard: Ansaldo SpA Cantieri Navale, Sestri, Genoa, Italy.
Dwt: 4.600 Grt: 23.191 Nrt: 11.571
Speed: 18 knots   Dim: 192,41 x 24,95 x 8,75 m
4/8 1956: Launched.
2/4 1957: Delivered to AB Swedish American Line, Gothenburg, Sweden as GRIPSHOLM.
(The GRIPSHOLM's fore-funnel is a dummy, but concealed a staircase leding to a passenger observation platform at the top)
14/5 1957: Departured Gothenburg on her maiden voyage to New York.
Aug. 1975: Arrived Gothenburg after her last cruise for Swedish American Line.
19/9 1975: Laid up at Vetlefjorden, Norway.
Nov.1975: Sold to Michael A. Karageorgis, Piraeus, Greece. Registered on Nautilus Armadora S.A., Greece and renamed NAVARINO.
9/12 1975: Departured Sandefjord, Norway on voyage for Greece.
22/5 1976: Started her first cruise from Venice to Mediterranean.
7/8 1981: Grounded off Patmos Island shortly after leaving during a cruise, she refloated unaided and arrived Piraeus 11/8 for repairs to the damage which had been sustained to her bow.
29/10 1981: Suffered damage to her accommodation when fire broke out while she was moving from Piraeus to Skaramanga for repairs prior to sale for Norwegian interest.
26/11 1981: While in drydock at Hellenic Shipyard, Skaramanga she took on a 35 degree list which caused her to sustain severe damage.
16/3 1982: Refloated from the dock, When inspected she was declared as a "total constructive loss".
May 1983: Sold to Multiship Italia S.r.L., Italy and renamed SAMANTHA.
26/5 1983: Departured Piraeus in tow for La Spezia where she was laid up.
July 1984: Sold to Universal Glow Inc., Panama.
Oct. 1984: Towed from La Spezia to Eleusis Shipyard, Perama, Greece for repair.
Jan. 1985: Registered on Ridan Investment Trust Inc. (Universal Glow Inc.), Panama and renamed REGENT SEA.
28/10 1985: Departured the shipyard after repair.
1992: Registerd on Lujo Cruise S.A., Nassau and changed flag from Panama to Bahamas.
2/11 1995: Laid up at Nassau, Bahamas
1997: Sold to Baffin Shipping Co. Inc., Nassau, Bahamas and renamed SEA.
14/11 1997: Arrived Tampa in tow and laid up.
1998: Sold on auction to Poseidon Capital, New York
May 2001: Departured Tampa in tow for India to be broken up.
12/7 2002: Sank off South Africa in pos. 32.21 s, 26.13 E, while in tow of the tug SIMOON, bound for Indian breakers in Alang.