Stockholms Rederi AB Svea,
Stockholm, Sweden.

General cargo ship


m.v. WORMO 8023 Build: 1935 Shipyard: Íresundsvarvet AB, Landskrona, Sweden
Dwt: 1.115 Grt: 805 Nrt: 294
Speed: 10 knots  35 Dim:  67,31 x 10,82 x 5,53 m.
6/7 1935: Delivered to Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm as WORMO.
Dec. 1939 - Oct. 1945: On T/C to the Swedish Navy, as auxilliary ship No 9. and used as a mine layer.
17/2 - 16/3 1940: On duty as a icebreaker in port of  Gothenburg
March - April 1942: Made some voyages for Fischereinkaufsgemeinschaft Norwegen between Luleň-Stettin with fresh fish.
1963: Sold to Hellenic Cypriot Shipping Co., Piraeus, Greece. Renamed FOTIS.
9/1 1968: Driven aground on Marmara Island, in the Sea of Marmara, during a gale, while on a voyage from Odessa to Beirut.
Her crew abandoned the ship, which later driven further inshore during storms, and salvage of the ship was discontinued.