Stockholms Rederi AB Svea,
Stockholm, Sweden.

General cargo ship



WARJO left & WIRGO right 7389
Build: 1927 at Helsingor Jernskip & Msk. byggeri, Helsingor, Denmark.
Tonnage: 805 dwt, 857 grt
Dim: 58,90 x 9,70 x 5,20 m.

1927: Delivered to Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm, Sweden as WARJO
1935: Lengthened at Finnboda Varf, Stockholm with 4,90 meter
1940 - 1945: On TC for the Swedish Navy.
1957: Sold to Silja Rederi, Finland.
1957: Sold to P. M. Michellepi & N. G. Kochilas, Greece. Renamed MARIA.
1972: Sold to D. Filippopouos, Greece. Renamed ANNUSHKA
1973: Sold to Gerasimos Shipping Co., Cyprus. Renamed IOANNIS K.
1975: Sold to G & P Konidaris, Greece. (Cypriotic-flag)
1984: Broken up in Greece. 7647
Build: 1930 at Finnboda Varf, Stockholm, Sweden.
Tonnage: 890 dwt, 772 grt.
Dim.: 56,00 x 9,80 x 4,00 m

1930: Delivered to Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm, Sweden as WIRGO
1940: Sunk by Russian aircrafts in  Mariehamn archipelago.
1940: Refloated and sold to Dykeri AB Neptun, Stockholm, Sweden. Towed to Sölvesborgs varv for repair and lengthened with 5,0 meters. 
1940.12. Redelivered to Neptunbolaget. Renamed AJAX
1942: Sold to Rederi AB Svenska Lloyd, Gothenburg. renamed  BOTHNIA and laid up in Malmoe to the end of WW II.
1960: Sold to Skrot & Avfallsprodukter, Gothenburg to be broken up. Renamed AJAX, which never was painted on the ship.
1960: Sold to Michail Pyliaros & Co., Greece. renamed MANDO.
1962: Transferred to Mando Shipping., Greece.
1967: Sank when on voyage Varna - Benghazi. Crew saved.