Stockholms Rederi AB Svea,
Stockholm, Sweden.

Passenger ship


s.pass. SVEA CORONA Build: 1975 Shipyard: Dubegion-Normandie S.A. Prairie au doc Nantes, France
Dwt: 1.746 Grt: 12.576 Nrt: 6.418
Speed:  171 Dim:  153,12 x 22,33 x 13,29 m. Draft: 5,798 m.
1975: Delivered to Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm as SVEA CORONA for Silja Line's traffic on the route Stockholm - Helsinki, later Stockholm - Maarianhamnina - Turku.
1981: Transferred to Johnson Line, Stockholm for the same route.
1984: Sold to Sundancer Co, Nassau for cruises from USA to Canadian waters and renamed SUNDANCER.
30/61984: Struck an underwater reef on the Canadian side and was going to sink, so the captain set her high ashore, where she laid full of water, and was near to capsize, but they were able to straighten her. After some weeks she was towed to Vancouver where she was declared a "constructive total loss".
Dec. 1984: Sold to Cosmos Cruises Maritime Co., Piraeus renamed PEGASUS and was towed to Piraeus for repairs, which were completed in 1986.
May to Sept. 1986: Used as a floating hotel in Vancouver.
1987: Transferred to Epirotiki Lines, Piraeus for cruises in the Mediterranean.
2/6 1991: Caught fire while in the port of Venice, and she half sank there.
July 1991: Declared as a constructive total loss.
Oct. 1991: Towed to Piraeus and laid up.
1994: Sold to Strintzis Lines, Piraeus, renamed IONIAN EXPRESS and the repairs started at Perama yards, Greece.
20/11 1994: During  repairs, a fire started in the engine room and she was (for the 3rd time) declared as a constructive total loss.
1995: Sold for demolition to Aliaga, Turkey and arrived there on 29/3 1995. Her engines were sold and  moved into the Agios Andreas.