Stockholms Rederi AB Svea,
Stockholm, Sweden.

General cargo ship


m.v. STELLA MARINA 9151 Build: 1950 Shipyard: Kockums M.V. AB, Malmoe, Sweden
Dwt: 4.165 Grt: 5.270 Nrt: 1.927
Speed: 17,5 knots  316 Dim:  121,18 x 16,48 x 6,91 m. Draft: ? m.

1950.04: Delivered to Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm, Sweden as STELLA MARINA.
1964: Sold to Soc. Siciliana Servizi Mar. S.p.A., Palermo, Italy. Renamed SOMALIA.
1973: Sold to Universial Seaways Private, Singapore. Renamed CROWN FRUIT.
1976: Scuttled by fire when in dock at Japan, declared a constructive total loss.
1976: Broken up at Kaohsiung, Taiwan.