Stockholms Rederi AB Svea,
Stockholm, Sweden.

Tank ship


m.tank. SERVUS 8834 Build: 1940 Shipyard: Glommens M.V, Fredrikstad Norway
Dwt: 1.017 Grt: 745 Nrt: 363
Speed:  88 Dim:  67,80 x 9,71 x 3,99 m. Draft: 3,734
1940: Delivered to Skips A/S Gijoh (Gill-Johanessen), Norway as BIWI.
In 1942 she was used by the Kriegsmarine in Trondheim shipyard. BIWI was used, among other things, to transport aviation fuel from Warnemünde to Trondheim, and also replenished U-boats and war ships.
26/12 1944:
BIWI was torpedoed by a British MTB and was beached near Olaskjær south of Bramanger but sank. According to the book "Chronology of the War at Sea 1939-45" by J. Rohwer and G. Hummelchen" lists the attackers as MTB 717 and MTB 627 from the Norwegian 54th MTB Flottilla
After the war the afterpart of the ship was refloated and towed to Ekenbergs Varv, Stockholm for repair. When under repair she was sold to Rederi AB Saturnus ( Stockholms Rederi AB Svea 50% and Oljekonsumenterna, Stockholm 50%).
1947: Delivered after repair with the name SERVUS.
1956: Sold to Rederi AB Ankaret ( De Joung), Slite, Sweden. Renamed KOLIBRI.
1958: Sold to Bruno & Eredi Arturo Montanari & Cia. Fano, Italy. Renamed BRUNA MONTANARI.
1976: Sold to Greek Tankershipping Co., Greece. Renamed VERRIA.
1981: Renamed VERROIA.
1990: Broken up in Greece.