Stockholms Rederi AB Svea,
Stockholm, Sweden.

General cargo ship

s.s. RING 7359 Build: 1927 Shipyard: AB Finnboda Varv, Stockholm, Sweden.
Dwt: 1.922 Grt: 1.395 Nrt: 670
Speed: ? knots  310 Dim:  86,56 x 11,32 x ? m. Draft: 4,920 m.
1927: Delivered to Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm, Sweden as RING.
23/10 1962: Collided and sunk in dense fog on river Elbe with the Czech motor vessel ORLIK,  the crew and one passenger was saved by salvage vessel ATLAS. ORLIK only had minor damage.
1963: Refloated and broken up at Hamburg, W. Germany.