Stockholms Rederi AB Svea,
Stockholm, Sweden.

General cargo ship

s.s. GUDUR 7469 Build: 1928 Shipyard: A/S Helsingörs Jernskibs & Maskinbyggeri, Helsingör, Denmark.
Dwt: 1.950 Grt: 1.322 Nrt: 605
Speed: ? knots  184 Dim:  81,60 x 11,30 x 5,00 m. Draft: 4,930 m.
21/8 1928: Delivered to Stockholms Rederi AB Svea (E. Högberg), Stockholm, Sweden as GUDUR.
15/10 1942: Capzised and sunk in a severe storm near Ratan in Gulf of Bothnia when on a voyage Lulea - Landskrona.
1945: Refloated and repaired.
1949: Rebuild and renovated at AB Finnboda Varv, Stockholm.
1964: Renamed HUGIN.
1966: Sold to Averola Cia. Nav, Panama. Renamed RUGIN.
1967: Sold to Achille Hadjistefanou, Greece. Renamed PANAGIOTIS.
1968: Sold to Cantiere Nav. Giuseppe Trinagli, Italy. Renamed TOMAZO.
19??: Sold to Averola Cia. Nav. SA, Panama.
1975: Broken up in Italy.