Stockholms Rederi AB Svea,
Stockholm, Sweden.

General cargo ship


s.s. GONDUL (I) 7451 Build: 1928.05.18. Shipyard: A/S Helsingor Jernskibs & Msk. byggeri, Helsingor, Denmark
Dwt: 1.233 Grt: 1.322 Nrt: 605
Speed:  183 Dim:  81,60 x 11,30 x 5.00 m. Draft: 4.930 m.

Launched 31/3 1928.
18/5 1928: Delivered as GONDUL to Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm, Sweden.
Oct. 1928: Grounded near Möen.
1929: Was in collision on River Thames in fog, 2 times, first with the English steamer CORFELL of London. The second time with steamer LADY MARTIN of Dublin.
1/1 1939: Had fire on board off Möens Klint.
Nov. 1939: Seized by a German destroyer and taken to Swinemunde, She was released after one month
1935: Grounded near Hven in Öresund.
1/10 1940: Sank, with her superstructure above water, after hitting a magnetic mine off Limhamn, Sweden. Five men was injured. Refloated two weeks later and repaired at Kockums M.V. Malmoe.
29/5 1943: Sank off Wismar Lighthouse after hitting a magnetic mine. A German destroyer tried to tow her to shallow water but she capzised and sunk at 24 meters, the crew was picked up by the German motor schooner HEIMAT.