Stockholms Rederi AB Svea,
Stockholm, Sweden.

General cargo ship


s.s. ASKUR ? Build: 1872 Shipyard: Oscarshamns M.V. & Varv, Oscarshamn, Sweden
Dwt: 430 Grt: 346 Nrt: 240
Speed: ? knots  115 Dim:  142,7 x 24,4 x 11,4 ft.
1872: Delivered as ASKUR to Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm, Sweden. (wooden hull on iron ribs)
1877: Sold to Kolsva Bruk (Lars Lindberg and others), Koping, Sweden.
1886: Transferred to Lars Lindberg estate, Koping, Sweden
1888: Sold to Stockholms Transport & Bogserings AB, Stockholm, Sweden.
1889: Sold to C. G. Thulin, Stockholm, Sweden.
1890: Sold to W. Akerstedt, Harnosand, Sweden.
1897: Sold to P/R Birger Berg, Stavanger, Norway.
1915: Sold to Sigurd W. Bøe, Bergen, Norway.
4/3 1915: Abandoned in sinking condition in the North Sea at pos. 56.34N, 1.47E when on a voyage Haugesund - Hull with a cargo of herring. (Crew saved)