Rederi AB Stjärnan,
Karlstad, Sweden
s.s. MERCURIUS 5924 / ? Build: 1917 Shipyard: AB Götaverken, Göteborg, Sweden. # 347
Dwt: ? Grt: 556 Nrt: 333
Speed: ? knots   Dim: 50,10 x 8,32 x ? m Draft: 3,320 m
6/9 1917: Delivered to Rederi AB Stjärnan, Karlstad, Sweden as MERCURIUS.
19/10 1921:  Grounded 2 miles SW t S from Otterbäcken in Vänern during SW wind and poor visibility when on a voyage Kristinehamn - Otterbäcken in ballast. Damaged in engine room, which was filled with water. Refloated 9 days later and was towed to Gothenburg for repair.
In the end of 1930 the Company was sold to Ahlmarks Rederi in Karlstad, Sweden
25/11 1947: Wrecked between Blockhus and Lökken on the west coast of Jutland.
Developed a leak in SB watertank during a storm, and had a heavy list, the machine
stopped, whereupon the vessel drifted aground  on a sandbank. Crew of 14 salvaged after a hard work of the rescue boat from Lökken.
Dec.1947: Reported that the ship is not going to recover and the insurance company sold the wreck for 65,000 kr to Denmark.

Postcard manufacturer: Max Dreblow, Stettin, mailed from Holtenau 5/5 1922