Svenska Rederi AB Öresund, Malmö, Sweden
D/S Øresund, Copenhagen, Denmark.

       s.pass. ØRNEN (I) ? Build: 1909 Shipyard: Burmeister & Wain Köpenhamn Danmark. # 269
Dwt: ? Grt: 793 Nrt:  419
Speed: 12 knots   Dim:  58,56 x 9,75 x ? m. Draft: 3,50 m.
1909: to A/S D/S Paa Bornholm af 1866, Rønne, Denmark as ØRNEN.
1909: In traffic Copenhagen - Rønne.
1920: Partly rebuild.
Feb.1924: Aground south of Amager, Denmark. Managed to refloat by own power.
30/6 1929 - 14/8 1929: In traffic Copenhagen - Ystad - Rønne.
2/12 1929: Sold to Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm, for SEK 300.000. Planned to be put in traffic Stockholm - Riga. Name changed to ÖRNEN.
6/8 1939: Collided with URANIA off the entrance to Kalmar. URANIA was put aground on Tärnör, but ÖRNEN managed for own power to go into Kalmar.
7/6 1944: Aground at Flatbottnarna, off Oskarshamn, when on a voyage to Kalmar. Refloated the next day.
29/11 1944 - Jan.1945: On T/C to Ångfartygs AB Gotland, Visby.
10/6 1945: Aground at Kejsaren south of Arkösund. Rudder damage, but managed under its own power to Oskarshamn 3 hours late, for the repair which took time due to strike at the Swedish yards. Stayed there for almost a year.
1946: In the spring, modernized at Oskarshamn yards, so that ÖRNEN could also be used as a reserve ship in Finland traffic. Bow elevated and had a "soft nose" and new cabins. The dining room was rebuild for cabins and toilets, even on the lower decks was new cabins installed, so that the cabin capacity was now 94 seats. Furthermore, the ship get a built in wheelhouse and the oil heater.
20/8 1950: In traffic Malmö - Copenhagen.
29/12 1950: Sold to Rederi AB Öresund, Malmö for SEK 1,35 milj. The ship had a major rebuilding at Finnboda Varf, Stockholm.
20/5 1951: In traffic Malmö - Copenhagen.
12/9 1959: Sold to Oy Vaasa-Umeå AB, Vasa, Finland for GBP 29 000. Rebuild at Wärtsilä, Vasa with space for 20 cars.
1960: In traffic Vasa - Örnsköldsvik.
1961: Rebuild at Oy Aino Lindeman AB Konepaja, Vasa with space for 45 cars.
2/6 1962: In traffic Vasa - Holmsund/Örnsköldsvik.
4/5 1966: Sold to Giacomo Antonio & Giuseppe Rubaudo, Imperia, Italy for GBP 21. 000. Renamed RUDIAE.
1968: Sold to Rosvega Maritima SA, Panama. Renamed RUMBA.
Febr.1972: Sold to FERCOMIT, Brindisi, to be broken up.