Rederi AB Luleå-Ofoten
Trafik AB Grängesberg-Oxelösund
Gränges AB

Stockholm, Sweden

s.s. SIR ERNEST CASSEL 5148 Build: 1910 Shipyard: R.& W. Hawtorn, Leslie & Co. Ltd., Hebburn, Newcastle-on-Tyne, U.K.
Dwt: 10.800 Grt: 7.759 Nrt: ?
Speed: ? knots Yard no: 433 Dim: 138,40 x 18,30 x 9,80 m.
12/6 1910: Launched.
7/7 1910: Delivered as SIR ERNEST CASSEL to Rederi AB Lulea-Ofoten, Sweden.
19/5 1916: Company name changed to Trafik AB Grangesberg-Oxelosund.
23/8 1921: On T/C to Aug. Bolten, Germany. Renamed ERNEST
05. 1922: Returned back to Rederi AB Grangesberg-Oxelosund, Sweden. Renamed SIR ERNEST CASSEL.
1940: On T/C for the English Government. (Sailed under Swedish flagg with Swedish crew)
1941: Sunkt off Azores, by the German auxiliary cruiser THOR, When on a voyage Glasgow - Lorenco Marques. Crew saved.