Rederi AB Luleå-Ofoten
Trafik AB Grängesberg-Oxelösund
Gränges AB

Stockholm, Sweden

m.v LAIDAURE (I) 7018 Build: 1923 / 1955 Shipyard: Gotaverken AB, Goteborg, Sweden
Dwt: 8.660 Grt: 5.879 Nrt: ?
Speed: 11 knots Yard no: 360 Dim: 121,60 x 16,30 x 10,40 m.
14/8 1923: Delivered as OXELOSUND to Trafik AB Grangesberg-Oxelosund, Stockholm, Sweden. (Dwt: 8.680, Grt: 5.617)
7/4 1940: Arrived port of Narviks.
9-10/4 1940: During the fights the shep was heavely damaged and the crew abandoned her.
8/5 1940: Sunk in the harbour after a air attack.
1947: The wreck was refloated and transferred to the Swedish War Insurance Administration wich sold her back to the former company, and she was towed to Gotaverken AB for repair
1948: Re-delivered to Trafik AB Grangesberg-Oxelosund, Stockholm renamed LAIDAURE (I).
6/4 1962: Arrived Ghent, Belgium to be broken up..