Rederi AB Gotland,
Visby, Sweden

M/V THJELVAR (IV) Build: 1981 Shipyard: OY Wartsila AB, Helsinki, Finland.
Dwt: 4.150 Grt: 9.120 Nrt: 4.666
Speed: 19,5 knots   Dim: 137,42 x 22,61 x 4,90 m.
30/1 1981: Launched.
15/6 1981: Delivered to Gedser - Travemünde Ruten A/S, Gedser, Denmark as TRAVEMÜNDE. In traffic Gedser - Travemünde.
1986: Company name changed to GT-Linien A/S, Gedser, Denmark.
18/6 1986: In collision with the breakwater in the entrance to Trawemünde, only minor damage.
March 1987: The company bankrupt and sold to ASX 10969 A/S, Gedser and continued traffic on the same line.
26/4 1988: Sold to Sea-Link AB, Nassau, Bahamas (Sea-Link AB, Nacka, Sweden) and registered on GT Link A/S, Nassau, Bahamas.
28/4 1988: Renamed TRAVEMÜNDE LINK.
6/12 1988: Sold to Rederi AB Gotland, Nassau, Bahamas (Rederi AB Gotland, Visby, Sweden). On T/C to Sally Line Ltd. renamed SALLY STAR and in traffic Ramsgate - Dunkerque.
20/12 1988: After departure Dunkerque she had a engine room fire and was towed to Ramsgate, the day after she was towed to Dunkerque for repair.
27/1 1989: Back in traffic.
25/8 1994: Had fire in her engine room between Ramsgate and Dunkerque, was towed to Ramsgate and then to Arno Shipyard, Dunkerque for repair.
14/10 1994: Back in traffic.
9/3 1997: In collision with the catamaran HOLYMAN DIAMANT in Ramsgate. SALLY STAR was taken to the shipyard in Dunkerque for repair.
May 1997: Transferred to Finland Levantlinjen AB, Mariehamn, Finland (Rederi AB Hoburgen, Visby and Rederi AB Gotland, Visby).
8/5 1997 - 14/9 1997: On T/C to Silja Line, Turku, Finland and in traffic Vasa - Umea.
18/9 1997: Arrived Lloyd-Werft, Bremerhaven, Germany to be rebuild.
Nov.1997: Transferred to Rederi AB Gotland, Visby, Sweden and renamed THJELVAR.
14/12 1997: Departured the shipyard.
1/1 1998: In traffic Oskarshamn - Visby.