Rederi AB Gotland,
Visby, Sweden

m/v GOTLAND (III) 10536 Build: 1964 Shipyard: "De Mervede", Hardinxveld, Gisseldam, Netherland.
Dwt: 700 Grt: 2.773  
Speed: 17 knots   Dim: 93,2 x 16,4 x 5,4 m
Delivered  as GOTLAND for Rederi AB Gotland, Visby, Sweden.
1967 - 1970: In charter for Viking Line.
1973: Rebuild for more passenger (1.283) and car (125), and renamed THJELVAR (III).
1976: Rebuild at Oskarshamns Varv. Superstructure lengthened  at her stern. (New tonnage: Dwt: 700,  Grt: 2.990).
1987: Sold to Comp. Marocaine de Nav. (COMANAV), Morocco and renamed ARRAFIQ.
1988: Sold to Morocco Navy to be used as a transportship. Pennant number 407.
1993: Sold to Louris Shipping Co., Malta and renamed DIVA.
1996: Sold to Acanthus International SA, St. Vincent and renamed DELFINI.
1999: Laid up at Eleusis Bay, Greece