Port of Malmö, Sweden

Port of Malmö before 1900.
The paddle steamer is "STEN STURE" owned by Ångbåts AB Sten Sture, Malmö and was in traffic between Malmö and Copenhagen from 1888 to 1896 and Malmö - Stralsund between1887 to 1897, between 1897  to 1899 in traffic between Ystad - Bornholm. Sold 1900
Port of Malmö before 1900
Port of Malmö around 1970.
The ship on the left is passenger ship SUNDPILEN, the ship on the right is passenger ship GRIPEN, both ship was on regular traffic between Malmö and Copenhagen, Denmark
(Postcard manufacturer: Grafisk Konst)
Port of Malmö
(Postcard from Svenska Pressbyrån, no:38300)
Port of Malmö around 1965
The passengership WESTFOIL outbound for Copenhagen.
WESTFOIL was on timecharter for AB Sundsfart, Malmö, Sweden between 1961 -1962 and 1964 - 1965 and in traffic between Malmö and Copenhagen. In 1965 the timecharter was taken over by Svenska Rederi AB Öresund, Malmö, Sweden until April 1967.
(Postcard from Grako, Photo: Giovanni Trimboli)
Port of Malmö 1965
The tankers MALMÖHUS and FALSTERBOHUS at Kockums M.V. AB.
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Port of Malmö around 1980
View of inner harbour, the passenger ship between Malmö and Copenhagen.
The ship to the right is MALMÖ and the ship to the left is SVERIGE.
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Port of Malmö around 1930
(Postcard manufacturer: Berndt Johnsson, Malmö. No:B 276)
Port of Malmö.
(Postcard manufacturer: Ultraförlaget AB, Berndt Johnsson AB, No: Sk 611)
Port of Malmö, Sweden
The ship at left is the passenger steamer ÖRESUND, in traffic between Malmö - Copenhagen.
(Postcard manufacturer:Berndt Johnsson, Malmö. Nr. B 104)