Port of Lysekil, Sweden

Port of Lysekil, Sweden arond 1950.
The ship on the left is the Swedish MATHILDA THORDEN.
(Postcard manufacturer unknown (handcoloured)
Port of Lysekil, Sweden arond 1950.
The minesweeper in the middle of the picture is from the right: M-22 KAPAREN, M-21 JÄGAREN and M-23 SNAPPHANEN.
The last one was sold to Guatemala in 1959 and renamed JOSE FRANCISCO BARRUNDIA.
(Postcard manufactured by C. A. Träff, Göteborg. no: 3059)
Port of Lysekil, Sweden.
Restaurantship KRISTINA. (information about this ship is welcome)
(Postcard manufacturer: TREAB)
Port of Lysekil.
The ship is the Swedish Navy's training schooners GLADAN and FALKEN.
(Postcard manufacturer: Carla-Förlaget, Lysekil, No: 351)