Port of London & River Thames

Lambeth Palace, London at River Thames.
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St. Paul's Cathedral from River Thames.
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London, Houses of Parlament.
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Hotel Cecil and Cleopatras Needle, around 1910.
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London - Thames Embankment with Hotel Cecil and Cleopatras Needle around 1910.
The Paddlesteamer is PEPYS.
Built in 1905 by Rennie at Greenwich, as subcontractor to J I Thornycroft of Southampton
Engines : Compound Diagonal by Scott of Greenock
Length : 130 feet
120 Gross Registered Tonnes
Served London County Council's River Thames service from Greenwich to Hammersmith from 1905-1907
Taken over by the City Steamboat co for the 1910 and 1912 seasons for continued use through London
Sold in 1913 to the Cie,. Lyonnaise de Navigatiuon et Remorquage at Lyon, France.

(Postcard manufacturer: The London Stereoscopic Company's "LESCO" Series)
The Pool of London around 1950.
The Pool of London: This is the name given to the part of the river lying between London Bridge and the Tower Bridge. It is at all times a scene of great activity and London Bridge is Generally lined with spectators watching the loading and unloading of vessels.
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