Port of Landskrona, Sweden

The port of Landskrona
Port of Landskrona around 1900.
(Postcard manufacturer: Törnqvist Bokhandel)
Port of Landskrona 1904
(Postcard manufacturer not known)
Port of Lanskrona around 1935-1938.
Steamers on the left side are laid up at the island of Graen, name of steamers and reason unknown.
On the right side, first and third ship is from the Swedish Company "Stockholms Rederi AB Svea".
(Postcard from AB Alga, Stockholm, no:2748)
Port of Landskrona 1976
The ferry "STELLA SCARLETT" is on her way to Copenhagen.
(Postcard from Söderflyg, Färentuna)
Port of Landskrona 1945.
(Postcard manufacturer: K. Björlingson)
Port of Landskrona.
The passengership ST. IBB which was in traffic between Landskrona and the island of Hven.
(Postcard manufacturer: Ultraförlaget AB, Stockholm. no: Sk825)
Port of Landskrona
(Postcard manufacturer not known)
Port of Landskrona.
View of the port from the West.
(Postcard maunufacturer: Eko-foto, Landskrona)
Port of Landskrona around 1960.
The m.tug is BORE.
(Postcard manufacturer: Berndt Johnsson AB, Malmö)
Port of Landskrona.
First is the m.tug BORE, behind her is the s.tug BORE and to the left the m.tug VEN,
all three used as passenger boats to the island of VEN in the Sound during summertime.
(Postcard manufacturer: Berndt Johnsson AB, Malmö. Nr: C 73)