Port of Copenhagen, Denmark

Port of Copenhagen, Denmark around 1900
The Danish ferry KJØBENHAVN leaving Copenhagen for Malmo
Port of Copenhagen, Denmark around 1925
(Postcard manufacturer: Budtz Müller & Co's Kunstforlag, No: 25)
Port of Copenhagen, Denmark in 1950
The passengership at middle top is Icelandic GULLFOSS, build 1950 at Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen. The small passengersteamer TURISTEN at middle bottom.
TURISTEN was built in 1896 by Janssen & Schmilinsky in Hamburg and put in traffic for Sonderburg as BALDER
1898 she was transferred to Flensburg.
1923 back to Sondermodell Burg.
1945 - 1948: Laid up in Sonderburg 1945-48
1948: Sold to J.H. Kjaer in Aarhus, Denmark.
1949: Soldto a Partrederi in Dragør and then renamed TURISTEN.
Sold in the fall of 1950 to C.C. Clausen in Haderslev and renamed SPEKULANT.
She was re-built to a freight and livestock transport.
She was 36.75 x 6.16 meters and had a speed of 10 knots.
Reported as broken up 1952 by Petersen & Ahlbeck in Copenhagen.
Postcard manufacturer: Vekselkioskerna, Københavns Hovedbanegård. no: 8398)
Thanks to Christer Skiold for the history about GULLFOSS and TURISTEN
Port of Copenhagen, Denmark around 1950.
"The white steamers, wich serve as transportation between Copenhagen and Bornholm, are tied up at their quay in Havnegade"
The ship on the left is NORDBORNHOLM. (Owner: Det Ostbornholmske D/S A/S)
(Postcard manufacturer: J. G. Ring)