Nordisk Rute og Faergefart A/S,
Copenhagen, Denmark.


ASA-THOR Build: 1884 Shipyard: Örlogsvarvet (Naval Yard), Copenhagen, Denmark.  # ?
Dwt: ? Grt: 142 Nrt: 61
Passenger: ? Knots:  7,9 Dim:  36,00 x 6,80 x ? m. Draft: 1,850 m.
1884: Delivered to Royal Danish Navy as a floating mine crane named MINEKRAN No.IV.
1930: Sold to Nordisk Rute og Faergefart A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark, and rebuild to a car ferry. Renamed ASA-THOR.
12/6 1931 - 1939: In traffic during the summer months between Helsingborg - Helsingör.
Spring 1932: For a short time in traffic Landskrona - Copenhagen
1933: Engines changed to Diesels (2 Oil 3-cyl Bukh B260 diesels, 320 bhp).
1940: Confiscated by the German Navy and rebuild to a minesweeper.
1945: Returne  to Nordisk Rute og Faergefart A/S.
1947: Sold to A/S Rudköping-Vemmenaes Faergefart, Rudköping, Denmark. Modernised at Gråsten shipyard. Renamed SIÖSUND. In traffic between Rudköping - Vemmenaes. (New tonnage: 148 grt, 74 nrt. Dim: 35,95 x 5,67 m., Draft: 2,75 m.
Oct. 1957: Sold to Antonio Colnadrea, Naples, Italy. Renamed CITTA DI POZZUOLLI. In traffic Naples - Ischia.
1970: Sold to Soc Navigazione Insulare SpA, Messina, Italy. Renamed MARINA DI LIPARI.
Future history unknown.