Armoured Cruiser






Naval ensign since beginning of XVIII c. - white with blue St. Andrew`s cross.

St. Andrew was the patron of Russia from times of Peter I. He was the first Christian preacher in territory of Russia

Naval Standard of Emperor

The double-headed eagle holding in his claws 4 maps of seas


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Baltic Fleet  
Dreadnoughts, 4 ships
Gangut Soviet Oktyabrskaya Revolutsia
Poltava Soviet Mikhail Frunze
Sevastopol Soviet Parizhskaya Kommuna
Petropavlovsk Soviet Marat
13 ships before Russo-Japanese War
(1 lost previously, operational accident),
11 ships lost at Tsushima;
3 more completed subsequently
Imperator Pavel not completed until 1910
Andrei Pervoswanni
Borodino sunk at Tsushima
Imperator Alexander III sunk at Tsushima
Orel surrendered at Tsushima,
IJN Iwami
Kniaz Suvarov Rozhestvensky's flagship,
sunk at Tsushima
Slava not finished for Tsushima,
scuttled, 1917
Osliabia sunk at Tsushima
Sissoi Veliki sunk at Tsushima
Navarin sunk at Tsushima
Admiral Ushakov sunk at Tsushima
Admiral Seniavin surrendered at Tsushima,
IJN Minoshima
General Admiral Graf Apraksin surrendered at Tsushima,
IJN Okinoshima
Gangut foundered, 1897
Imperator Alexander II being reconstructed during Tsushima
Imperator Nikolai I Nebogatov's flagship, surrendered
at Tsushima, IJN Iki
Petr Veliki being reconstructed during Tsushima
Black Sea Fleet  

Dreadnoughts, 3 ships

Imperatrica Maria sunk, explosion, 1916
Imperatrica Ekatarin II sunk, 1918
Imperator Alexander III scrapped, 1926-36
Imperator Nikolai I scapped incomplete
Pre-Dreadnoughts, 10 ships
Ioann Zlatoust not completed until 1910
Kniaz Potemkin Tavritcheski renamed Pantelimon
after 1905 mutiny
Rostislav run aground, 1920
Tri Sviettelia scrapped, 1922
Dvienadsat Apostolov stricken, 1911
Sinope scrapped, 1922
Ekaterina II  
Georgi Pobiedonosets  
Far East Fleet  

Pre-Dreadnoughts, 7 ships before Russo-Japanese War;
all but 1 lost at Port Arthur

Retvisan sunk in Port Arthur, IJN Hizen
Tsessarevitch interned in China after Battle of the
Yellow Sea, returned to Baltic Fleet
Peresviet sunk in Port Arthur, IJN Sagami;
returned to Russia, 1916,
sunk by mine off Port Said, 1917
Pobieda sunk in Port Arthur, IJN Suwo
Poltava sunk in Port Arthur, IJN Tango;
returned to Russia, 1916,
as Tchesma in White Sea
Petropavlovsk sunk by mine outside Port Arthur
Sevastopol scuttled outside Port Arthur