Götaverken - Öresundsvarvet,
Landskrona, Sweden
(Öresundsvarvet AB was sold to Götaverken AB when Öresundvarvet AB became bankrupt 1923)

Götaverken - Öresundsvarvet, Landskrona, arialphoto from 1977.
Christer Skiold identified the ship as follow:
On the slipway is newbuilding 260 TONGALA, launched 17 June 1977.
In the drydock is the FALSTER, just lengthened. She arrived  1977 to the yard to be lengthened with 21 meters.
16/2 1977: The forward part of the ship capsized in the dock during the lengthening work,
she was later salvaged and and the work finished.
The newbuilding in the bottom is 258 TARCOOLA, delivered 7 July 1977