The East Asiatic Co. Ltd. A/S,
Copenhagen, Denmark

m/v MORELIA (I) / IMO: ? / 5441518 Build: 1948 Shipyard: A/S Nakskov Skibsvaerft, Nakskov, Denmark. # 100
Dwt: 10.250 Grt: 8.437 Nrt:  5.092
Speed 15 knots   Dim:  144,63 x 18,64 x 11,68 m. Draft: 8,268 m.
1948: Launched as MADURA.
April 1948: Delivered to The East Asiatic Co. Ltd. A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark as MORELIA (I).
27/7 1949: Grounded near Svinesund bridge when on a voyage Copenhagen-Halden, came free, no injuries
27/7 1949:
Collided in Halden, with Norwegian s/s HEILO, bumps in the bow.
25/7 1950:
Lost a screw blade in the China seas, when on a voyage Singapore-Kochichang with general cargo.
9/6 1955:
Collided on the Hooghly River, when on a voyage Rangoon-Calcutta with general cargo, with s/s SIR FREDERICK DUMAYNE. Minor injuries.
28/4 1959:
Fire in hold 4 when in Antwerp, the fire extinguished on April 30.
Dec. 1969: Sold to Herlac Shipping Co., Panama and renamed MEKARI.
1972: Transferred to Heritage Nasvi. Co., Panama.
1972: Sold to Leung Yau Shipbreaking, Hong Kong, to be broken up.